The Getaway by Isabella Broom

The Getaway


Most people travel to Croatia for its endless sunshine, pebbly beaches and crystal clear sea. Kate goes there to disappear. She needs to escape from a life that has fallen apart in spectacular and public fashion, and no one on the beautiful island of Hvar knows who she is or what she’s running away from.

Alex is different to any man Kate has ever known, yet the connection between them is undeniable. She soon begins to open up in ways she never has before – not even to herself. But Kate is not the only person in Hvar hiding secrets. And, as she is about to discover, it is always only a matter of time before the truth catches up with you…


Kate proposes to her longterm boyfriend on her thirtieth birthday but doesn’t get the response she expects as James unexpectedly breaks off their relationship instead and to make matters worse someone films the entire sorry scene and posts it on social media. Humiliated, Kate barricades herself in her old bedroom at her parents’ house and plots on how to get James back. Inspired by a magazine article she reads about a woman who searching for her brother who just disappeared without a trace one day, Kate convinces herself James will be desperate to have her back if she leaves the country and does’t tell him where she is going. So, Kate packs her bags and head to Croatia where her brother and his husband are renovating a hostel on the beautiful island of Hvar.

Kate has always had a passion for interior decorating and the hostel is a perfect place for her to get some practice. Her brother is so delighted with her progress he encourages her to turn it into a career but Kate lacks confidence in her abilities. However, she soon meets Alex, a jack of all trades, who thinks she has real talent and recommends her to his friends. Kate starts to publish photographs of her work anonymously on Instagram and is such a hit, it helps grow her confidence. Kate also finds herself thinking about Alex as more than a friend but just as she’s ready to take that first step, James arrives at the hostel unexpectedly and Kate’s life is thrown into disarray. Things get even more complicated when Alex’s past comes calling and she discovers she doesn’t really know him after all.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Getaway, mainly due to the fabulous setting which made it a perfect summer read. The author does a great job of bring the place to life and it wasn’t difficult to imagine the breathtaking beauty of the place. You can practically feel your skin soaking up the sunshine. This is the first book I’ve ever read set in Croatia so it makes a nice change from the usual settings and I really want to learn more about this country.

Kate is a little different to the heroines who usually grace romance novels as she is self-conscious, wears glasses and is not all that concerned with her appearance. As the story unfolds, it is clear Kate’s confidence has been eroded over the years by James and Kate has become so dependent on him she can’t imagine a future without him. Kate’s idea to disappear to make James miss her seems a bit hare-brained and one of the few things in the story that irritated me but it’s all part of Kate’s journey as she learns to see beyond her life with him. Alex is an interesting character who definitely dances to the beat of his own drum and Kate is intrigued by him despite her admonitions he is not her type with his full beard and dreadlocks, As Kate and Alex spend more time together it’s obvious to everyone around them that they have great chemistry but they are both wary of starting a relationship. Alex has some hefty secrets of his own which he’s not keen on sharing but his past soon catches up with him which sends Kate into a tailspin.

Alex’s secret is very obvious from the outset if you are paying attention to the clues, however you could argue it relies too heavily on coincidence but I prefer to view it as destiny. You’ll have to decide for yourself.