Did You Miss Me? by Karen Rose



The last thing Ford Elkhart remembers is walking his girlfriend back to her university dormitory. Now he’s lying tied and gagged on a cold, dark floor, with only one chance to escape before he ends up like the bones surrounding him...

Assistant State’s Attorney Daphne Montgomery is devastated by her son’s disappearance, and is immediately convinced that his kidnapping is connected to the white supremacist she’s just had jailed for murder.  FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter isn’t so sure – especially when he learns that Ford’s girlfriend is also missing.


Daphne Montgomery, a survivor of breast cancer and a loveless first marriage, has already beaten the odds to raise her son as a single mother and put herself through law school. Now that Daphne has become an assistant state attorney she finds herself in the middle of a high profile case which puts her squarely in the public eye and a whole lot of danger. Daphne is devastated when her son, Ford, goes missing and assumes it is related to her current case but things aren’t what they seem and as the body count begins to stack up, Daphne’s worst nightmare may be about to come true.

Luckily for Daphne, FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter becomes involved in the case and he won’t rest until Ford is safely home. Joseph has been in love with Daphne from the first moment he saw her but has kept his distance, wrongly believing there was something going on between her and Clay Maynard. Once Joseph learns the truth, he’s powerless to deny his love for her even if the timing is all wrong and his behaviour is unprofessional. Joseph is no stranger to trauma himself after losing his wife to murder within a few days of their marriage but he is ready to love again and Daphne is the woman for him. I liked how gentle Joseph was with Daphne and how he let her set the pace when they finally slept together in light of her surgical scarring.

The suspense part of the plot is full of twists and turns as I’ve come to expect from Rose’s books, although I wasn’t entirely convinced with the killer’s motives by the end. There were a lot of characters in this story, many from her previous books and many new ones being introduced, so it was a little hard keeping track of them all and I would definitely advise new readers to read her books in order.

The most interesting part of this book for me was the introduction of Deacon who is a slight departure from Rose’s usual male characters and I’m definitely looking forward to reading his story. Alas, the next book is going to feature Clay and Stevie, a romance that has already been bubbling over the past couple of books so I’m not sure what there is left to explore, apart from them finally admitting they love each other.

Karen Rose’s past few books have left me feeling a bit unsatisfied and left me wondering if I’m growing tired of her trusted formula, having said that, I’ll probably keep on reading them because it is easy to get attached to her network of characters.